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7 Reasons You Should Take That Online Class Now

by Christine Occhino on May 15, 2020 via Record Union

Aah, the birds are chirping, sun is shining, and quarantine is in full bloom! Well, fret not, my musical friends – it’s time to make lemonade out of lemons together! For all those things you’ve been putting off for weeks, months – hey, maybe even years – let’s make it happen! The time has come for you to check off your to-do list, organize your life, and better yourself. Here are seven reasons your should take that online class you’ve always thought about right now:

1. You finally have the time


Time, once fleeting, is now available in abundance for many of us! With some out of work or with a modified work-from-home schedule, you’ve got a lot of hours back from commuting, social engagements, trips to the gym, and beyond. Now is the moment to get in some of that valuable “me time” you’ve been missing. And that doesn’t just mean home spa treatments, going out for a run, and attempting to get more veggies into your diet… that means improving what’s happening between your ears as well! This is the perfect time to invest in learning something new, and with the tons of online classes now available (and many for free as well!), there’s no better opportunity to come out of this time with some newfound knowledge under your belt. 


2. There are so many programs and courses to choose from


From college courses, to custom classes, and one-on-one training sessions in every niche you can imagine, the vast black hole of the internet has got it all for you! Whether this means advancing your knowledge in something you already do, or embarking on an entirely new field of study that piques your interest, there truly is something for everyone, consumable in just about every convenient format in existence. 


3. Everyone loves a deal


Whether you are the “freemium” type of learner, prefer to have an affordable structured course, or a premium one-on-one lesson format that’s completely customized, I’ve seen some of the best deals available right now. Businesses are hungry to grow their online platforms, and are giving amazing opportunities to generate new clientele. We may never see markdowns like this again for such high-quality offerings, so don’t wait to enroll!


4. Time to learn on your schedule


Whether you prefer stimulating your mind first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee, mid-day for lunch, or later in the evening before winding down, you are in control of your learning schedule! No need to worry about rushing to class when the classroom is right in your living room. Plus, many online courses allow you to learn at your own pace. Take your time when you need it, or ramp up when you’re ready… the choice is yours!


5. You’re in your most comfortable learning environment


I don’t know about you… but going to school in pajamas may be one of the most underrated things ever. But seriously, it’s great to be in an environment you’re comfortable in while taking classes! Having access to all of your conveniences, being able to enjoy a snack anytime, never worrying about any judgey eyeballs on you during your third week straight of wearing sweats and that ratty old concert tee you love… the home learning environment can be a great place to get a seriously good education without the common discomforts, pressures, and distractions of formal classroom learning.


6. Now’s your chance to grow your career or start a new income stream


Everyone handles tough times differently, but I think being able to find something good in every circumstance is an incredibly important quality to have. Try to look at this time like an opportunity. When else would you get the chance to do something like this for yourself without having to sacrifice something else from your usually packed schedule? This is your chance to grow your career or even begin an entirely new income stream, without ever having to leave your house. Think about that for a second. Look what you have in front of you… a chance to pivot, grow, change, or do whatever it is you’ve always wanted. Online classes are an incredible resource, and they are literally at your fingertips right now.


7. There’s no better time to nurture your true passions and start bringing the dream to life

Here’s the cold hard truth… if you don’t make strides to make it happen now, then you were never really serious about it in the first place. Those dreams don’t need to just stay dreams anymore! Make them a reality right now. Sure, it’s not going to happen overnight, but little by little, you can take those passions that have been lying deep within you or maybe even bubbling right at the surface, and bring them to life. Even if it starts with just 15 minutes a day that you put toward learning something new to help you do what you love, that is progress. And it doesn’t always need to be Earth-shattering. Maybe you have your career already, but have always had a passion for something creative, or technical, or even a new trade. There are online classes for literally everything. The dream is yours. The dream is what you make it. The dream is happiness and freedom to do what you love. There’s no greater gift you can give yourself right now than the education to make that a reality.

Christine Elise Occhino is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for the music business. In addition to being a vocalist herself, she is the Founder & CEO of Lock City Music Group, and the Founder & Executive Director of Hope in Harmony, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that uses music to help and heal those in need. Christine holds a BM in Music Business & Management from Berklee College of Music, and is a member of the Grammy Recording Academy, ASCAP, and Berklee College of Music Alumni Association. She also currently hosts the music-based web series & podcast, Soundbytez

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