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12 Work-From-Home Essentials I Can't Live Without

working from home

Like most of the world, the work-from-home life chose me before I chose it. The shutdown in Connecticut a few years ago had forced me into making many years of complicated decisions for my brick-and-mortar business, ultimately culminating with the choice to keep my operations remote permanently so I could be afforded a better work/life balance with my two new babies. I had a pretty sweet setup at my previous office, so I was determined to recreate something with a similar vibe in my home to keep me healthy, happy, and inspired. Here are 12 work-from-home essentials I can't live without:

  1. My Peloton Bike Tray Who doesn't love a good two-for-one deal?! With time at a premium raising two little ones and working, any chance I get to exercise while doing something else on my checklist is a win! This bike tray allows me to take client video calls, handle emails, and keep chipping away at my computer work while getting in some cardio. Plus, there is literally no installation required, as is the case with many of the competitors on the market. It is custom-designed for the Peloton, so you literally take it out of the shipping package, remove the protective film, and place directly on top of the handle bars. Voilà! You're in biznass!

  2. Lots of Plants Bruhhh... plants are such a vibe! I was someone who used to quite literally kill every green thing that made its way into my home but alas, I have figured out the remedy! A) I stopped buying finicky plants that are difficult to care for. (Try succulents to get your confidence up! They're low maintenance and come in so many fun varieties.) B) I realized I was consistently overwatering. C) I created spaces where I know they can thrive. (Considering sunlight, temperature, etc.) Etsy has so many cool plants to choose from. Costco has got incredibly affordable options that are already grown and thriving. And even Home Depot can get you started with a collection of small potted or hanging varieties to make your room feel fresh, nature-infused, and creative!

  3. An Ergonomic Laptop Desk Stand Gone are the days of chronic neck pain and chiropractor visits! This simple introduction into my workflow has been tremendously valuable to my ergonomic health - something that is so easy to ignore when working from home.

  4. My Coffee Bar Did I splurge? Yes. Do I regret it? Not one bit. I am a coffee lover, through and through. During the shutdown, I got sick of dealing with the staffing issues resulting in bad customer service experiences, consistently wrong orders (how do you get a cappuccino with no sugar wrong every time?), supply shortages, overpriced options, and worst of all... the dreaded paper straw that disintegrates in the PLASTIC cup it's in! So I finally caved and ordered a high-end coffee maker that does it all with the touch of a button, because let's face it, I'm not actually going to sit there and froth my own milk every day, no matter what kinds of epic home barista fantasies I would like to try and sell myself. The Philips 3200 makes both hot and iced beverages, espressos, cappuccinos, and latte macchiatos. (It also self cleans and descales for minimal maintenance!) I bought these chic double sized glass mugs so I can feel fancy AF at home, and these glass to-go containers that come with a top that you can sip or use the included glass straw from. This bamboo organizer holds my favorite sprinkled toppings (I do a cinnamon and a cocoa mixture in the front compartment), disposable to-go cups and tops, glass hand pumps for caramel and chocolate flavored syrups, and two tall glass cylinders in the back that provide a functional and aesthetically-pleasing solution for countertop whole coffee beans and ground coffee for refilling the machine.

  5. A Foot Cushion Another easy solution to resolve lower back pain is a foot cushion for my fellow shorties! My legs never touch the ground in most seats, so this helps my knees stay at a 90-degree angle so pressure is off my back, and I can sit with proper back support.

  6. The Trello App I used this at my office with my staff and continue to utilize this app on my own to stay organized! Think of it as a sort of "digital white board" that you can take with you everywhere. It's super easy to use, and I like that I can seamlessly access it from both my computer desktop and phone app. I set up different cards and lists to keep me on top of all of my projects and deadlines, and help hold me accountable for getting things done efficiently. I label my cards as: "Ideas // To Do // In Progress // Pending/Awaiting Response // On Hiatus // Completed," but you can also adjust to anything that suits your needs like grocery lists, meal planning, home improvement ideas, packing lists, etc. Plus it's easy to add other family members or coworkers to the same board too so everyone can stay on the same page! (Literally!)

  7. Surge Protector with USB Ports These are great updates to the old-school strip surge protector because they've got a much more usable shape to accommodate all different types of plugs, and USB ports for devices that need that type of charging capability. And of course, no more fears of your devices getting fried in the event of a power surge!

  8. Stylish & Functional Lighting This may seem silly to those who have not indulged in specialty lights they love yet, but I can assure you, it does make a huge difference in your space! Amazon has tons of different options for lighting based on your style. I personally have a combination of functional and stylish lamps in a modern/industrial type feel, and then placed a few other colored accent lights around the room to make certain elements in the space "pop." It's all part of designing an environment you love that makes you excited and ready to create!

  9. My Ink-less Label Maker I use this bad boy for everything! Literally, all over my house. From labeling storage bins of old files, to shelved equipment, to which wires go to what, it's been so helpful. It comes with a free app that lets you customize fonts and icons, and you can send things to print right over Bluetooth. I've had no problems with it at all after almost a year of use, and even enjoy it for labeling my childrens' items, attic storage, kids' cups and more! Plus it is inkless (*mindblown*), so you never have to worry about refilling it or having it smudge! Definitely a favorite buy of mine.

  10. Lots of Candles Candles always help put me in a good headspace. I try to keep a variety around with different scents to support the mood - fresh ones for the office, spa flavors for winding down, and of course some seasonal ones too!

  11. Bookshelves For Storage & Display My office has a wall of built-ins that I love to decorate my space and make it functional for storage, too. But my husband also works from home and we wanted to make it more of a rustic/old school/industrial vibe for him, so I got him this big bookshelf for his book collection, these invisible shelves for above his desk, these cool hanging ones, and this more modern bookshelf for the overflow. He absolutely loves them and they make the room incredibly functional!

  12. A Great View As tempting as it may be to just set a desk up in the first available corner of your home, I think it's so important to choose a space that makes you feel motivated, creative, and inspired! A nice view and natural light really help with mental focus and clarity, and that's why I have made that the priority for every office I've designed for over a decade (both in the home and out). It's always worthwhile to make your workplace somewhere you are happy to be in and excited to go to every day!

Just a reminder that I utilize affiliate links, which means I make a small commission from your purchase (which doesn't affect how much you pay).

This helps this mama keep doing what she loves! TYSM in advance for your support! :-)


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