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9 Unique Gifts For the Soon-to-be-New-Parents in Your Life

Soon-to-be new parent mom receiving baby shower gifts at party

When I was starting my first baby registry, I had no idea what I was doing. I'd read no books, and I didn't know any babies or new parents. I was quite literally *clueless.* I had a good friend that sent me the links to her friends' baby registries so I could use them as a sort of "template" for what I should be asking for. I made a ton of mistakes, mostly asking for duplicate items that serve the same purpose, and a bunch of stuff I never even needed at all. I hate wasting money. And worse, I hate wasting other people's money. Here are nine unique gift ideas for the soon-to-be-parents in your life that they don't even know they need:

Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit for Babies

This sleepsuit is marketed as a swaddle transition product, and literally changed my life when I was gifted it for my firstborn. I absolutely swear by it and mourned the day my daughter outgrew their biggest size! A gift that keeps on giving (sleep!) to new parents, and maker of very happy and rested babies.

2. Blackout Window Treatments for the Nursery

Blackout window treatments for baby nursery

I spent an absolute mint trying to figure out how to block out the light coming into the nursery windows for sleep times. After countless tries with "blackout" curtains from different stores that never worked, I paid to get total blackout cellular shades custom installed from Graber. I have never been happier with an investment like that. A gift card to a local window treatment store is a fantastic gift idea!

Bobbie organic infant formula

No new mom knows what the future will hold when it comes to breastfeeding. I unexpectedly could not produce enough milk for my baby after a traumatic birth experience. Some moms I know needed to supplement, others had to go back to work and weren't able to pump enough to keep a stock, and some were milk factories that had finally reached the end of their breastfeeding journey when they were ready to transition to formula. After extensive research, I have used Bobbie Organic Infant Formula with both of my kids and couldn't recommend it more. A gift card for the new parents in your life will provide much value and peace of mind during some of the most stressful transition times.

Baby Brezza anti-rolling sleep strap

One of the things I didn't expect as a new mom was how scary it is to fear your child suffocating while right next to you in a bassinet. My baby had a bizarre habit of always wiggling her way around in order to get her head pressed up against something. (Probably to simulate how it felt in the womb.) I could not sleep. This product was a life-saver (literally?) - my baby slept soundly and couldn't get stuck in weird or dangerous positions, and I knew she would be okay during the naps or nighttime enough to finally rest myself!

5. Meal Delivery Service

Postpartum meal delivery service

The reality of being a new parent is that you are thrown into caring for another person before yourself 24/7. The last thing I was thinking about when I got home from the hospital was cooking. Sure, generous loved ones will drop off food during the first few weeks, but the stress in planning meals for yourself continues long after that. Consider a group gift of a meal subscription service delivered right to their door so they can enjoy nutritious food and a healthy eating schedule without all the fuss for months to come.

Expecting Better by Emily Oster book for new pregnancy advice

"Expecting Better" by Emily Oster was the only book my (very cool) OB suggested to me when I found out I was pregnant. Any expecting mother has heard all the cautionary tales about the million and one things you can't do or eat while pregnant. This book gets into the nitty-gritty statistics and new research behind why a lot of that old guidance is nonsense, and help the new mom-to-be enjoy these next nine months a whole lot more!

Magnetic closure onesies for babies

The absolute hack of the century! Snaps and zippers are for the birds! These onesies by "Magnetic Me" are so easy and convenient for all the diaper changes to come. They have a strip of magnets that run up the front, making opening and closing a cinch! Comfy for baby, and a huge timesaver for new parents. Plus they come in tons of different colors and patterns to suit all different styles and tastes!

Mini fridge for breastmilk or formula for baby nursery or bedroom cosleeping

This mini fridge made my life so much easier during the first few months of having a newborn. It's perfect for storing breastmilk or formula by the bedside so there's no stumbling in your sleep to the kitchen to prepare a bottle. And it also has a warming function to help bring things closer to temperature for when baby is ready to feed. I used this literally every single day with my daughter. Plus, it comes with multiple power cords (AC, DC, and USB) so you can easily move it to any room around your home or for trips and travel! And of course, it can get plenty of use after the baby-rearing years are over - use it for regular drinks, food, skincare, medications, and more.

Rolling diaper changing table for newborn baby

What I didn't expect when becoming a new mom was how annoying the trips back and forth to the nursery would be for the seemingly endless diaper changes all day long. Having a second station set up on the other side of my house changed everything when I had my second kid. I only wish I knew the first go-around, but hey, you live and you learn... and now you can help the new parents in your life not make the same mistakes too!

Just a reminder that I utilize affiliate links, which means I make a small commission from your purchase (which doesn't affect how much you pay).

This helps this mama keep doing what she loves! TYSM in advance for your support! :-)


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