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Our Most-Loved Baby & Toddler Toys

Baby playing with toys

The holiday season is finally here, and in honor of Black Friday, I decided to do a quick wrap-up of our most-loved gifts from the last year! These items are tried and true by my now 2 and (almost) 1-year-old, and make great ideas for wish lists, presents, registries, or additions to your home to be enjoyed by your little ones right now. Many are on sale today or are often out of stock with a great value year-round, so if you see something you like, know that we love it too and feel good about scooping it up ASAP! And to make it a one-stop shop, all the following are available on Amazon with links/info provided below. Happy shopping, friends!

*Just a reminder that I utilize affiliate links, which means I make a small commission from your purchase (which doesn't affect how much you pay). This helps this mama keep doing what she loves! TYSM in advance for your support! :-)


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