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It's a... !!!

baby gender reveal cookies

...GIRL!!! We are so thrilled to add another girl to our family! 3 in a row... I think all of us didn't see this coming!

In past years, my husband and I have always opted to do very over-the-top summertime gender reveals with massive parties, lots of decorations, games, tons of food and drinks, and a big colored firework show with smoke bombs at our lakefront home to celebrate the announcement. As much as I've always wanted to know first, Justin never did and wanted us to find out together with everyone else so it's more fun. We both did not know the gender this time either, but being that it's our first winter reveal in chilly Connecticut, decided to just do something small with close friends and family to find out. We had a cozy afternoon with some small bites and drinks at home, culminating with a cupcake surprise from a local bakery.

Buttt... alas we make plans, and God laughs. We all waited with anticipation and counted down to take the big bite together, and then... nothing. Crickets. Confused faces abound. Ummm... there was no colored frosting inside!!! The bakery made a mistake and somehow never added the color that was called in by our friend, "the keeper of the gender." So needless to say it was a bit of a bust, equal parts hilarious and disappointing I think? Luckily the only person "in the know" was present and made the announcement to all of us in real time. (And upon calling the bakery afterward they apologized profusely and did what they could to make good on the bad situation.) But the cupcakes were tasty, the company was wonderful, and the afternoon was as special as could be, and that's truly what matters most. (But word to the wise: if you are ever thinking about doing a gender reveal like this, I'd def recommend having the person who's ordering for you try one out on-site upon pickup just in case!) Hope this behind-the-scenes story gave you some amusement today; would've been an easy thing to cover up and make things look like they were "picture perfect," but they're not, they never will be, and that's okay! One thing you can count on is that I'll always keep it real. Plus the truth is always funnier than fiction anyway!

And with that we kick off the second trimester of my third pregnancy in a row! We are counting down the days til baby arrives... as I simultaneously countdown the days until my morning sickness subsides. :-)

Many thanks for all the kind messages and well wishes. We appreciate it more than you know!




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