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My Best Triple-Threat, Drug-Free Baby Teething Remedies

baby teething toy

I currently have a teething baby. It is equal parts heart-wrenching and exhausting. You feel awful that they're in so much discomfort, and helpless that there's little you can do to make them feel better. I surprised myself when I became a little bit (okay, A LOT) "granola" when it came to pain remedies for my kids. I feel very strongly about finding drug-free alternatives as often as possible. If you are like me and hope to find your child some relief as they go through this challenging phase of life, I hope I can save you some time, heartache, and sanity by sharing what I consider to be the trifecta "holy grail" of teething remedies. Here they are:

Relief is on the way, mamas and dadas! And remember, as they say, this part won't last forever! Godspeed.

*Just a reminder that I utilize affiliate links, which means I make a small commission from your purchase (which doesn't affect how much you pay). This helps this mama keep doing what she loves! TYSM in advance for your support! :-)


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