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11 Thoughtful Gift Ideas For a Mom With Multiples

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As life changes, our needs change along with it. Single women will surely enjoy different gifts than a mom of four will, based on where they are in their lives and how they value spending their time. Even back as a first-time mom, I know my "wishlist" looked wildly different than it does today with two toddlers, and a baby on the way. Looking for a thoughtful gift for the mom in your life who is further along in her child-rearing journey? Check out these unique ideas she is sure to appreciate, and actually be excited about!

#1: Nap Time Babysitting

If you've got a mama with nap-aged kids, your offer to pop over to watch the monitors during those couple hours is such a kind and valuable gift to give - truly! Whether she uses that time to go on a day date with her hubby, get in some quality "me time" somewhere, or even just have the chance to run errands and hit the coffee shop solo, she will absolutely love the opportunity. (Bonus points if you want to throw in a gift certificate so she can take this time to enjoy a personal service, treatment, shopping, or fancy lunch somewhere nearby!)

#2: Annual Membership or Gift Card to a Frequented Shop

Places like Costco are a favorite of many families, and their annual memberships are super affordable. It's a great gift idea that most people never think of! Or if you know she enjoys trips to smaller grocery stores nearby, you can always get a gift card there and know it will be well spent. It may seem odd for someone who is not in this phase of life, but trust me, we would much rather this than having more stuff in the house!

#3: Non-Toxic Home Spa Goodies

Create a custom, healthy gift basket you know mama will treat herself to (especially once the kids have gone to bed)! Some great ideas to include are beeswax candles, handmade soaps, bath flakes, shower steamers, organic body butter, and some indulgent chocolates without all the crappy additives!

#4: Home Cleaning


Any mom appreciates a clean home, especially if she doesn't need to be the one doing the scrubbing! Got a cleaner you use or have found highly recommended? (Just ask around or check out a service like Thumbtack if you want to find local providers in your area with good reviews.) Gift mama a complimentary deep cleaning on the day of her choosing!

#5: Spa Service Gift Certificate


The ultimate self-care present, treat mom to her favorite service at the local spa, nail or hair salon!

#6: Fruit Tree


Tending to plants is a relaxing activity, fun to involve kids in, and even better if it's fruitful - literally! You can literally get a lemon tree sent straight to her doorstep from a variety of tree farms, or even this indoor/outdoor one off Amazon! I received one myself a few years ago, and it truly is the gift that keeps on giving!

#7: Gas Card


This might seem like a weird one, but for the mom who is in the "personal Uber driver" phase of parenting, a gas card is actually a very thoughtful gift! Plus it can be used toward a variety of things including car washes, vehicle accessories, and even inside the store for snacks or beverages.

#8: Meal Delivery Service


For the mom that's got her hands full and barely has time to eat herself most days, a meal delivery service is a fantastic gift idea. (Accent on meal delivery, not ingredient delivery... the point is that she doesn't need to cook here... ;) so make sure you check!) Depending on what companies serve her area and what you're looking to spend, you can either get an annual membership on her behalf, a set amount of months worth of selections, pick and choose a menu for the week that her family will enjoy, or just give a digital gift card so she can plan meals however works best for her. I actually use one weekly at my home in CT (feel free to DM me on IG @XtineElise if you want to learn more about my experience!), and it's been an absolute game-changer for access to quick, healthy meals when I need it most. I highly recommend to everyone!

#9: Indoor Herb Garden


For the mom that loves to cook, an organic herb garden that she can keep right in the kitchen window is another thoughtful gift idea. Nothing makes a dish taste amazing like fresh herbs!

#10: Membership to a Local Children's Museum, Aquarium, or Nature Center


Though this may seem like a gift for the kids, trust me when I tell you it can be a good one for mom, too. Happy kids = happy parents. When my children are having a ball exploring one of these places, in a safe and contained environment, it gives me some space to breathe too. Whether that just means I have some time to relax, chat with fellow parent friends, or enjoy my latte, I always love watching my kids do some solo learning and exploration.

#11: Home Chef Date Night


A quick online search will drum up plenty of private chefs and companies that offer in-home dining experiences including all prep, cooking, and clean up. What a cute idea to offer mom a no-babysitter-needed date night to enjoy with dad, from the comfort of their own dining room once the kids are fast asleep? An evening with no mess, world-class cuisine, and a chance to be waited on for a change is something every mom can get excited about!


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