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6 Must-Have Items For Toddler Airplane Entertainment (Without Screens)

family in airport

Traveling with young kids isn't easy. But traveling with bored, tired, young kids is inevitably worse. The flying experience has undoubtedly gotten worse over the years, from limited legroom, to few (good) food options, delays and cancellations with no remorse or recourse, and endless unexpected add-on fees. It's enough to make you not want to go anywhere! But family travel memories are often worth all the stress, whether your destination holds loved ones you don't get to visit often, or a beautiful change of scenery and weather. Here are the best tried-and-true items I've found to help entertain your toddler on a plane to make things just a little less stressful... plus they are screen-free!

Snack spinner lunchbox

I absolutely love these! Ample space for your child's food, a fun way to enjoy snacks with the spinner, BPA & PVC-free, and dishwasher safe. Plus it's made by parents, for parents - which I find are always they best types of products!

Reusable Puffy Stickers

These are so fun, reusable, and fit easily into any carry-on bag. They are puffy and easy for little fingers to move, but still cling really well to clean surfaces. My kids love using them on the included fold-out background poster, and they can also be used on windows, tray tables, or anywhere else you can think of!

LCD Writing Tablet

With 30,000+ positive reviews on Amazon, you know this one is a home run! So much easier than bringing tons of paper and writing utensils, this colorful drawing tablet (with attached pen) easily packs into any bag and can be used in lots of fun ways. The battery is also safely screwed into the back, and doesn't require charging or being plugged in, for convenient on-the-go use!

Lace and trace activity set

These are super cute and can keep toddlers busy for quite a bit! The activity pack comes with 5 wooden panels (with different animals on each side) and 5 matching laces. Easy to transport anywhere, and great for fine motor skills, too! Toddlers love a good challenge, and parents love some good quiet time to hear themselves think. ;)

wax sticks

These wax sticks provide mess-free, open-ended play! There's no right or wrong way to use them, and they are reusable too! Kids can enjoy making 2D or 3D creations from anywhere.

water coloring book

My kids have so much fun with these water coloring books, and of course I love that they don't actually make a mess or require any clean-up whatsoever. Another item you can fit easily for travel, all you do is fill the pen with water, and your child can paint over the images to reveal colors and hidden pictures. What's more: once the water dries, everything returns to its original state, allowing for a totally reusable experience every time.

I hope these products help bring some ease and peace to your next trip with the little people! I always love to learn about new things and parenting hacks, so please DM me anytime on Instagram (@XtineElise) to tell me about your favs too!

Happy travels!

Just a reminder that I utilize affiliate links, which means I make a small commission from your purchase (which doesn't affect how much you pay).

This helps this mama keep doing what she loves! TYSM in advance for your support! :-)


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